Web Design Don'ts!

Old School Web Design

Let's Underline Everything To Draw Attention!

If you underline and bold important parts of the text, it draws attention to it and helps with SEO.

Colorful Web Design

Moving Color Looks Awesome! So Eye-catching!

Did you go too far with a moving background and bright colors? Does it hurt to view your website?

Is Your Website as Unique as You Are?

Professional Web DesignAn appealing website is one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan. What is your website saying about you? Is an outdated design making you seem older than a Rolodex? Our professional team of web designers will work closely with you to create a custom website that provides the functionality and appearance to best represent your business.

Avoid a website that suffers from the common pitfalls shown above, like bold-overload, moving colors, or just plain ugliness. (Yes, your second cousin’s friend might feel bad, but their lack of design savvy is seriously hurting you.)

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